Review: Pegasus 67136-2016 Lyndhurst Series Kitchen Faucet

Review: Pegasus 67136-2016 Lyndhurst Series Kitchen Faucet James Harman

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Do you have a kitchen sink that requires a four point installation? Are you looking for a kitchen faucet that offers a timeless design that will continue to look good for years to come? This lamppost design offering from the Pegasus Lyndhurst collection offers an effective solution to these needs while still providing the options that you like. You’ll receive a sprayer accessory that will help you get your sink chores done and a solid dual control fixture that is easy to use and install. Available with a chrome or stainless steel finish, the MSRP of this kitchen faucet is $139.99.

The Features of the Pegasus Lyndhurst

The ease of installation with this kitchen product is something that you’re really going to enjoy. Even though it is a four point installation, it all comes together rather easily and can be completed in about an hour or so if you’ve got a few tools on hand. In return for your efforts, you’ll get a kitchen fixture that immediately upgrades the look of your kitchen without emptying your budget in order to do it.

There’s also these specific features to consider as well:

  • the total spout height on this faucet is 13 3/8 inches, allowing you to get large pots into your sink and full without any issue;
  • the reach of this faucet is 9 1/16 inches, letting you have a lot of water coverage, even for a double sink basin; and
  • the aerator clearance of 10.75 inches helps you get large chores done quickly without having too much splashing about the counter in return.

Unlike other Pegasus models, you’ll also get a full 2.5 inch maximum deck thickness with this kitchen faucet so it will work with many more existing sinks in addition to new installations.

The Advantages of the Pegasus Lyndhurst

The primary advantage that you’ll get with this kitchen faucet is a superior level of sturdiness. If you’ve got kids at home, then you know how fast destruction can reign supreme in all areas of life. The Pegasus Lyndhurst gives you a superior outcome thanks to the emphasis on metal components, especially with the spray accessory. It’s not cheap and lightweight like you’ll find with other manufacturers and best of all, you’ll save money when compared to those other products too!

The one aspect of this kitchen faucet where you’ll need to take caution is turning the final tightening process while doing the installation. The screws tend to strip out when too tight and this creates a faucet that loosens a little bit every day and eventually will just fall apart. With the weight of the faucet being 6.4 pounds, this final task can get a little tricky.

From an overall perspective, however, the Pegasus Lyndhurst kitchen faucet delivers the goods. If you want an affordable way to upgrade your fixtures, you will definitely want to consider what this model could do for your home.Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

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