The kitchen is the modern social network of every home. It’s the place where everyone tends to migrate toward throughout the day. The centerpiece of the modern kitchen is the faucet that you have installed. A beautiful, stunning kitchen faucet will draw attention to it and become the cornerstone of the perfect upgraded look you want. Are you ready to find the finest faucets that will work hard to meet your needs today?

The best of the best kitchen faucets still have certain strengths that may work for you… or may not. The most effective method of determining which faucet will work for you is through the comparing the top models from each manufacturer to determine which kitchen faucets require further investigation. This chart is an excellent first step in this process.

Ten of the Best Kitchen Faucets

PictureNameTypePrice GuideOur Rating
PictureNameTypePrice GuideOur Rating
Moen 7565 Align One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen FaucetPull Out Spout$$$$$4.2
Delta Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet
Pull Out Spout$$$$$4.7
Housweety Spring Pull Down Kitchen Sink FaucetPull Down Spout$$$4.2
Peerless Choice Two Handle Kitchen FaucetFixed Faucet$$4.7
Purenex Water Filter Purifier FaucetFixed Faucet$4.5
LightInTheBox Pull Down Kitchen FaucetPull Down Spout$$3.8
Moen Arbor Motionsense High Arc Pulldown Kitchen FaucetPull Out Spout$$$$$+4.4
LightInTheBox Pull Out Kitchen Sink FaucetPull Out Spout$$3.3
Pfister Pfirst Series Pull-Out Kitchen FaucetPull Out Spout$$4.4
Delta Leland Pull-Down Kitchen FaucetPull Out Spout$$$$$4.7

What Types of Kitchen Faucets Are There?

When considering how to upgrade your kitchen faucet, one of the most important considerations is to determine what type of kitchen faucet you need. There are four basic types of faucet that are manufactured today:

The Pullout Faucet: This kitchen faucet has a spout that pulls out so that you can extend its reach. Most pullout faucets will give you an extra 20 inches of length, if not more, so that you can fill a pan on your stove or wash that large baking sheet with ease. It then retracts through a counterweight system so you have minimal tangling down below the cabinet.

The Pull-down Faucet: If you’ve ever seen a commercial kitchen faucet, then this is the style that you’re getting with a pull-down faucet. Instead of pulling the spout out, you’re pulling it down to get added reach. Some utilize a hose system to provide this extra reach, while others utilize a system of tensioned springs that can be on the spout itself or internally for a cleaner look.

Two Handle Faucet: This kitchen faucet is controlled with two levers. One is connected to the hot water supply while the other is connected to the cold water supply. You can then run both supplies at once through the primary spout to get the perfect water temperature.

Single Handle Faucet: This type of faucet utilizes a single lever to control the temperature and flow of the water. Many of today’s modern designs utilize this type of faucet, including bar and laundry faucets as well. It can be on top of the spout itself and can sometimes be installed separately next to the faucet, but most often is on the right-hand side of the faucet.

The Advantages of a Good Kitchen Faucet

There are three basic advantages that you receive when you’ve got a good kitchen faucet installed in your kitchen.

  1. You receive a consistent flow of water that makes completing your sink or kitchen chores a hassle-free process. You don’t have to worry about sputtering, weak water flows, or splashing that creates a mess.
  2. You receive a quiet flow of water that isn’t hitting your backflow valve and creating a loud hammering or chugging sound. When this happens, you also tend to get a heavy vibration that can actually damage a faucet as well.
  3. You get the extra space or functionality that a lower level kitchen faucet just can’t provide. Modern faucets have higher arches that allow for more working space, better PSI for cleaning needs, and even 360 degree swiveling so you can work virtually anywhere and still get the job done in the right way.

Good kitchen faucets ultimately solve problems that you currently have. An upgraded faucet isn’t going to resolve a water problem that originates from your well, but it could provide a softer flow of water because of a solid aerator. It isn’t going to eliminate difficult odors like sulfur, but it will give you a consistent stream of water that you might be able to manipulate to a spray thanks to an included toggle.

The modern kitchen faucet can also save you money with water restriction features. Even just a difference of 0.5 gallons per minute can save 20% on your water usage rates. This is critical conservation for some homeowners that may be mandatory by law (see here for more info).

How To Find the Best Kitchen Faucet

The best kitchen faucet is the one that meets all of your needs without compromising on quality. Different manufacturers have different standards, so the place to begin is to look at the needs of your household. Do you need a kitchen faucet that can stand up to heavy use days consistently? Or do you rarely use your kitchen and so the faucet is there more for decorative purposes?

If you need a faucet that can withstand the tests your family can throw at it, then look for a solid metal foundation of brass, stainless steel, or copper. Don’t settle for a plastic covered spout that has brass waterways underneath. Invest in the real deal and look for a finish that has a lifetime warranty on it in case of failure. If you don’t have this need, then you’ve got more leeway and can focus on the aesthetics first instead.

Knowing the type of installation you’ll need is important as well. If you’ve got four holes, then you need a four point installation. A single, one point installation won’t meet your needs at all. You’ve also got an option for accessories, so maybe you could get a single faucet and then add a soap dispenser, a side sprayer, and a lotion dispenser to round out the extra points.

The color of the finish is the final consideration. Whether you will want oil rubbed bronze or polished chrome depends on the look your kitchen currently has. Match up the finish with your current interior design and you’ll have the perfect upgrade or new installation to make your kitchen faucet an integral part of your plans.

What To Expect With Kitchen Faucet Prices

When you look on a website like Amazon, you’ll find a wide range of prices for kitchen faucets. In general, you will end up getting what you pay for as more expensive faucets tend to be made of solid bases instead of hollow or plastic ones. Some manufacturers will thrown in plastic components and charge more than producers will 100% metal faucets, however, so be sure to look closely at each comprehensive review here to see how your preferred kitchen faucet was made.

The advantage of online shopping is that most faucets can be had for a tremendous discount. You can easily save 40-60% on the cost of your new faucet when compared to the MSRP you’d pay at a traditional retail outlet.

What Do Our Comprehensive Reviews Have To Say?

Moen 7565

The primary feature that you’ll notice with this kitchen faucet is that Reflex technology that has been built into it. This enables you to use the pullout sprayer and then retract it very easily. It begins with the flexible hose that is 68 inches long and offers you a wide ranges of effortless motion that naturally moves with you instead of working against you.

When tested against other models, this feature was 40% easier to use than those of other manufacturers. It works for an undermount sink, can be a primary or secondary faucet, and will give your kitchen the chance to leave the perfect first impression!

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Delta Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet (Venetian Bronze)

This kitchen faucet is inspired by the classic teapot design and that gives it a lot of extra reach in your kitchen. Imagine being able to have a faucet that is tall enough to help you easily fill up almost any pot, yet have the versatility to give your sink full coverage with a hose that reaches 20 inches and a spout that has a full 360 degree rotation?

The result is a stunning faucet that will upgrade your look instantly and will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. If you’ve got hard water, however, you may find that proactive cleaning of this faucet will help to extend its life.

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Housweety Spring Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

Are you looking for the clean, modern lines of a commercial kitchen at home? This pulldown faucet will provide you with just that! With quality that matches faucets that are triple or more than this faucet’s price point, you’ll get a tremendous value with this investment.

It comes with a warranty, works with a variety of plumbing sizes if you contact the manufacturer about your needs, and will give you a versatile faucet for the kitchen. One issue: the squeeze trigger doesn’t lock, so you’ve got to hold the sprayhead to get it to work.

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Peerless Choice Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

If price is an issue for you, then this should be one of the first faucets you look at today. It’s price point is one of the lowest on the market today, but you’ll still get a fully functional faucet that meets all of today’s low lead standards.

It’s a two-handled model that works with a four point installation thanks to a side sprayer that comes along with the purchase. It’s also a CALGreen compliant faucet that has a water flow of 1.8 GPM. Weighing just under 2 pounds, it’s going to work with most sink installations and give you the look that you want.

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Purenex Water Filter Purifier Faucet

The primary advantage that you receive with this kitchen faucet is the fact that it works so well with water purification systems. The installation is incredibly easy and the water flow is smooth, even though there isn’t an aerator installed in this faucet. It’s got an incredible price point and in return you’ll get the modern look in the kitchen that you may want.

High water pressure in your home might cause some splashing from this faucet because it lacks an aerator, but that’s really the only issue that comes up when thinking about the Purenex Purifier.

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LightInTheBox Pull Down Spring Kitchen Faucet

If you’re looking for an affordable kitchen faucet that has the ability to meet your needs effectively and still look like an upgrade, then you’ll want to consider this faucet. It’s fairly lightweight, but the spout itself is tall – over 17 inches, in fact.

That height may make it difficult to install on some sinks and you’ll have to work on your timing when using this faucet because otherwise it’ll leak out water for some time after shutting it off. It might not work for everyone, but it could work for you and at this price point it is definitely worth a look!

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Moen Arbor High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

This kitchen faucet is easily one of the best and most technologically advanced in the industry today. It starts with the MotionSense technology that sees you and will start your water flowing without ever touching the faucet. This prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria that can be harmful and keeps your faucet looking great too!

It also has a finish that is resistive to spotting that can occur from fingerprints or hard water so you won’t feel the need to polish up the fixture after every use. Smooth and effective, this is a kitchen faucet that is just plain good.

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LightInTheBox Pull Out Kitchen Sink Faucet

At 8.5 pounds, this faucet is lighter than others of similar design so there are more sinks that will accept the installation of this faucet. The primary feature you’ll notice is that it offers a 360 degree swivel with a retractable spout so that you can get the full sink coverage that you need.

Whether it is a double sink basin, a deep sink, or just a standard basin, you’ll be able to get all of your chores done quickly and effectively thanks to the construction of this model. If you’re looking for an affordable faucet that can meet your needs of an upgrade, however, this item has the ability to make an immediate positive impact in your kitchen.

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Pfister Pfirst Series Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

If you love the versatility of an overhead lever and a pullout faucet, then you’ll love this model by Pfister. The Pfirst comes in three distinct styles to help you customize your look and it’s swivel spout gives you the full sink coverage that you’re going to want.

This faucet is fully ADA compliant when installed correctly and it contains ceramic valves to proactively prevent leaks for you. The flow rate is an industry standard 2.2 GPM, it’s been made with a brass foundation, and the product is guaranteed for life.

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Delta Leland Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

With 5 distinct styles and one of the easiest to use levers on any model of a similar design, you’ll get an immediate return on your investment with this kitchen faucet. A cover plate is included to help you upgrade a 3 point installation if needed and diamond seal technology from Delta can deliver up to 5 million uses without your faucet springing a leak.

It weighs about 8 pounds, however, so some single point installations could struggle with this faucet. With a total height of 14 7/8 inches, however, you’ll get a dramatic, modern look for your kitchen that will leave you with a happy smile every time you see it.

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What kitchen faucet is right for you? Take a few moments, browse through our comprehensive reviews, and you’ll find the perfect fixture that will upgrade the look of your kitchen today!