Review: KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice Kitchen Faucet

Review: KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice Kitchen Faucet James Harman

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Do you love the look of the traditional arch style for a faucet? Would you love to have the option to have a matte black finish for your kitchen? Coming with a uniqueness factor thanks to its three quality finishes that are available and the traditional fluid lines that provide a sleek aesthetic for any kitchen, the Kohler Simplice might look basic at first, but it offers a lot of versatility and value once it is installed. The MSRP on this faucet is $365.05, but you can save up to 25% on your purchase by shopping through a website like Amazon.

The Features of the Kohler Simplice

The primary feature of this kitchen faucet is the ease of installation that you’ll get. It’s the perfect faucet for a new installation because it only needs one hole for operating, eliminating the clutter that a multiple unit installation may require. It keeps the clutter off of the sink, lets you have everything in one easy place that’s easy to reach, and let’s you get work done fast.

There’s also these advantages to consider as well:

  • the spray head on this pull-down design offers a stopping feature in addition to the two different sprays that you can utilize;
  • the faucet incorporates MasterClean technology to make caring for your faucet a quick and easy task; and
  • the high arch design of this faucet is complimented with a full 360 degree rotation so you can achieve whatever task you need to get completed.

Weighing in a 6.1 pounds, yet made from stainless steel, you’re getting a high quality kitchen faucet with this version of the Kohler Simplice. Add in the lifetime limited warranty and you’ll have an amazing experience with a protected investment.

The Advantages of the Kohler Simplice

The primary advantage of this unit is the fact that you can easily adjust the counterweight that is on the hose to fit your needs. Most users will enjoy about 30 inches of hose length, but that can be shortened based on the amount of space you have in the cabinet below. There’s also these advantages to consider as well:

  • the button is on the spray head in a very convenient location so that you can switch between sprays or lock out the flow of the water;
  • the mounting equipment and supply lines are easy enough for a DIY installation if you want to save a little extra cash; and
  • the valve functioning within this kitchen faucet really is built to last, even in high wear and tear situations.

The one issue seen with this kitchen faucet is that it can leak through the rubber gaskets, especially upon the initial installation. This is especially true in colder environments. Before finalizing the installation, make sure the faucet is exposed to room temperatures for a minimum of 24 hours if this is a concern of yours.

In the long run, however, the small risks are definitely worth the reward with the Kohler Simplice. It has the ability to effectively meet your needs for a fair, competitive price.Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

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One Comment

  1. G Coppola

    September 12, 2018 at 6:08 am

    I purchased this faucet several months ago, eventually hired a plumber to install it. To my disappointment, I noticed it leaking from the on/off handle within a few days!!! I videotaped this. I had to pay my plumber to come back to take a look at it. He said that the new faucet was defective. He was hoping to contact Security Plumbing & Heating Supply in Albany, NY, where I had purchased it. I haven’t heard back from him, so I contacted the store (sending the video). I asked them to honor their Lifetime warranty. They advised me that they are sending me a cartridge instead. I had paid $301. 94 for this faucet, and have since paid $50 to pay a plumber to replace cartridge (the plumber even told me that he sees a lot of problems with Kohler products, and won’t buy them)! I won’t buy Kohler again.


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