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PegasusLogoWhat you’ll find with a Pegasus kitchen faucet is an emphasis on innovation. Where one manufacturer might be satisfied with a timeless design that will always be attractive, Pegasus takes a risk and works to improve on that design. The result is a kitchen faucet that fuses together modern ideas of functionality with the traditional, timeless elegance that will upgrade the look of any kitchen instantly.

How could a Pegasus kitchen faucet help your home?

PictureNamePriceOur Rating
PictureNamePriceOur Rating
Pegasus Lyndhurst Series Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet$$$3.0
Pegasus Newbury Pull-Out Spray Kitchen Faucet$$$$$4.5
Pegasus Luca Single Bar Faucet$$$4.8
Pegasus Traditional Vessel Faucet$$$$4.7

There are a number of different models that Pegasus offers today. Each has a distinct advantage to it, but that doesn’t mean each model will work with your home. To pick the best one, you need comparative information so you can make an empowered decision. You’ll find that in the chart above! 

What Makes Pegasus Kitchen Faucets Different?

In modern society, we’ve developed two distinct thinking errors: we think that luxury is something that is reserved for only a privileged few and that a good product is defined solely by how fast it can deliver a quality result. What you’ll find with the Pegasus brand is a focus on the quality of artistry that exists within the elements of design so that a kitchen faucet can be fractionally more useful. You’ll get the immediate quality result, but you’ll also get a long-lasting result that will save you time every day when you’ve got sing chores to do.

In this emphasis on artistry, what you’ll discover Pegasus has done is that they have incorporated a number of features that you’d normally see only in premium brands that cost three or four times more than their faucets do. A Pegasus kitchen faucet makes a statement because it does one thing right all of the time: it works the way it says it will work.

With a wide variety of styles, including the classic gooseneck design or the stylish lamppost, available in a number of different styles, what really makes Pegasus different than the average faucet is the fact that you get luxury for less. You can affordably upgrade the look of your home, not break your budget in doing so, and be satisfied with the results – even though you saved money while doing it.

Why Choose a Pegasus Kitchen Faucet?

What you’ll find with a Pegasus kitchen faucet is a commitment to using only the finest of materials in the construction of the unit. You’ll find solid brass and copper waterways in each faucet so you can have durability and reliability every time you turn on the water. You’ll find that there are solid finishes that are utilized with these faucets as well so that you don’t have to worry about corrosion, discoloration, and other environmental issues that could affect your water.

One of the biggest issues in using a metal waterway is that an inferior production method can cause metal flakes to appear in your water, sometimes even from the moment of installation. Although the manufacturing process has been outsourced in many instances for these faucets, the result is a lower cost to you that doesn’t compromise on the quality of the final product. That means you’ll get an innovative design, a timeless look, and a safe end-product that won’t cause you any anxiety.

These kitchen faucets by Pegasus are built to last. Whether your household is filled with kids or you’re just looking to upgrade a rental to charge a premium price, a Pegasus faucet will effectively and affordably help you realize your goals. Innovative designs are just the start of the relationship that you’ll build with this manufacturer. You’ll also enjoy a long term upgrade that really can increase the value of your property.

How Can I Find the Best Kitchen Faucet?

Finding the best kitchen faucet for your home means knowing what your sink can and cannot handle. The first step in this process is determining what kind of installation process you need from your new kitchen faucet. If you have a brand new installation, then you can adapt your counter or sink to the faucet itself. For an upgrade, however, you may have up to 4 or more installation points that need to be either utilized or covered.

Is it possible to install a single point faucet on a sink that has four open installation points? It is if you’re willing to look around for options. If your perfect kitchen faucet is an all-in-one unit and you’ve currently got three installation points, then look for a deckplate that could fit underneath the faucet and cover the extra installation points. You can look for covers at local hardware stores and some faucets come with extra covers as well.

Extra installation holes are also a great place to add coordinating accessories, such as:

  • a soap dispenser,
  • a side sprayer, or
  • a place to store hand lotion.

When you have a full picture of what your needs will be, you’ll have a better idea of what kitchen faucet you need to look at during the initial shopping phase. Find the faucet that meets these needs for the best price and you’ll be able to get the best kitchen faucet to upgrade the look of your home. 

What Are the Pegasus Kitchen Faucet Prices?

The Pegasus brand of faucets has an emphasis on the retail store market, so you’ll find that the prices are competitive with most other manufacturers in this niche space. Top of the line models retail for right around $200 online, with a brick and mortar premium of up to 20% often in play if you run down to the store and just buy your preferred model outright. The entry-level faucets of this brand are priced right around the $100 mark with the same upcharges for a local store purchase.

On average, you can expect to pay about $160 for your new kitchen faucet in the Pegasus brand. This is a competitive price point when compared to the rest of the market and you’ll find that there is a lot of extra variety included in this brand when it comes to style. That’s why it pays to take a look at what a Pegasus kitchen faucet has to offer before finalizing any purchasing decision.

What Do Our Reviews Say About Pegasus Kitchen Faucets?

Pegasus Lyndhurst Series Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet

The primary advantage that you’ll get with this kitchen faucet is a superior level of sturdiness. If you’ve got kids at home, then you know how fast destruction can reign supreme in all areas of life. The Pegasus Lyndhurst gives you a superior outcome thanks to the emphasis on metal components, especially with the spray accessory.

The reach of this faucet is 9 1/16 inches, letting you have a lot of water coverage, even for a double sink basin, and you’ll also get a full 2.5 inch maximum deck thickness with this kitchen faucet so it will work with many more existing sinks in addition to new installations.

Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

Pegasus Newbury Pull-Out Spray Kitchen Faucet

Although some might not consider this an advantage, the sprayhead on this kitchen faucet is made from a high quality, durable plastic instead of metal. If you’ve had a metal sprayhead and you use your kitchen faucet heavily, then over time the oils in your hands and the exposure to sometimes acidic elements will wear that finish off prematurely and cause corrosion that affects your water supply.

There’s a toggle on the back that lets you easily change the style of water flow and the sprayhead is perfectly sized so it fits within the grasp of most people with easy. Light and comfortable, you’ll have fun while getting your work done!

Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

Pegasus Luca Single Bar Faucet

The one issue that needs to be taken into consideration is the clearance needed in order to get full use of the control lever. You can’t install this faucet right along the wall or next to a backsplash because it rotates forwards and backwards to control temperature. If you don’t have 3 to 4 inches of clearance for this faucet at your preferred location, then this isn’t going to be the faucet for you.

The single handle design allows for a smooth temperature control, however, when you need to get a quick splash of water. With ceramic disc valving providing a lifetime of drip-free use, the brass construction of this kitchen faucet from Pegasus is built to last.

Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

Pegasus Traditional Vessel Faucet

It’s not easy to picture 16 inches of height, so think about it this way. Look at your current kitchen faucet. Most models achieve a height of about 8 inches. Now stack another faucet of the same model on top of that and you’ll get an idea of how high this faucet really is!

This kitchen faucet is primarily intended as a decorative sink accessory, but it does have the power to work as a primary faucet as well in certain situations. It’s functional. It looks fabulous. Best of all, there really isn’t anything negative to say about this faucet.

Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

Pegasus kitchen faucets might have an emphasis on the retail experience, but you’ll receive an upgraded kitchen experience if you choose to make an investment into this brand. Go through our comprehensive reviews, get the data you need for an empowered decision, and see if a Pegasus kitchen faucet is right for you!

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  1. David Farmer

    June 4, 2018 at 8:57 am

    Our Lyndhurst series Pegasus kitchen faucet has sprung a leak at the hose connection inside the spray nozzle. It appears that I cannot simply replace the hose, but may most likely need to replace the entire side spray assembly. Where can I purchase that assembly? The finish on our faucet is brushed nickel. Please help.



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