Review: Pegasus 67110-7096H Traditional Vessel Faucet

Review: Pegasus 67110-7096H Traditional Vessel Faucet James Harman

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Are you looking for an old-fashioned look for your kitchen? Do you have a raised sink basin that needs a coordinating faucet that has a higher spout than you’ll typically find in a kitchen model? Combining old world traditions with modern functionality, the Pegasus traditional vessel faucet brings a reminder of a water pump that sits on a well out in a field full of yellow wheat. It comes in two distinct finishes that have a lifetime guarantee and offers a drip-free ceramic cartridge that carries the same guarantee. The MSRP of this unique faucet is $279.69, but you can save up to 32% on the cost by shopping on a website like Amazon.

The Features of the Pegasus Traditional Vessel Faucet

The primary feature of this unit is the fact that it comes with an optional pop-up drain that coordinates with the unit. This may not be needed for every sink, but it does allow for the extra needs that some kitchen owners may have. This kitchen faucet is primarily intended as a decorative sink accessory, but it does have the power to work as a primary faucet as well in certain situations. Here are some other features to consider as well:

  • the total height of the spout, including the control lever on the top of the faucet, is 16 inches;
  • the flow rate of this faucet is 2.2 gallons per minute, achieving 60 PSI; and
  • the faucet is extremely easy to install and will achieve an upgraded look instantly.

It’s not easy to picture 16 inches of height, so think about it this way. Look at your current kitchen faucet. Most models achieve a height of about 8 inches. Now stack another faucet of the same model on top of that and you’ll get an idea of how high this faucet really is! It looks much bigger in person.

The Advantages of the Pegasus Traditional Vessel Faucet

The primary advantage that you’ll receive with this kitchen faucet is the fact that it really is a heavy duty faucet. It isn’t going to splash over everything, even with a deep sink basin, and you’ll be able to use it regularly without worrying about the faucet wearing out or having problems with the finish. It fits nicely into most sink installations and has enough versatility that it can even be used as a bathroom faucet if you prefer as well.

It’s functional. It looks fabulous. Best of all, there really isn’t anything negative to say about this faucet. If you’re looking for a pullout or pull-down style of faucet, this isn’t the purchase for you. The length of the spout is smaller than you’ll see in other models and it isn’t going to swivel or rotate any for you. If you want a quality kitchen faucet that is stationary, this is one of the best models to consider purchasing on the market today. It receives one of our highest recommendations because of its level of innovation in appearance.Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

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