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Review: LightInTheBox Centerset Kitchen Sink Faucet

Review: LightInTheBox Centerset Kitchen Sink Faucet James Harman

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Are you looking for a kitchen faucet that will give you a modern look with an all-in-one type of style? Do you love the look of a high arcing gooseneck design, but want that design to be complimented by good features like a pull-down sprayhead? You can’t beat the affordability of what this kitchen faucet from Light In the Box has to offer! The MSRP on this fixture is $169, but you can bring it into your home for up to 55% less by shopping on a website like Amazon. In return, you’ll get the stunning chrome finish of a modern faucet working for you every day!

The Features of This Kitchen Faucet

The primary feature that you’ll love about this faucet is the fact that the sprayhead offers a full range of coverage for your sink. The hose is 59 inches long and this provides about 15 inches of extension when pulling down on the sprayhead. The design is very modern and the toggle between the different flows of water is on the front for your convenience. The aerator outlet has a raised ridge to help you keep a good grasp of the sprayhead while using it.

There’s also these additional features to consider as well:

  • at just 4.8 pounds, this kitchen faucet has the ability to be installed on almost any sink or countertop;
  • the spout height is about 17 inches so you can replicate the classic commercial look for your kitchen; and
  • this faucet has brass plumbing that is surrounded by ceramic materials to help reduce the weight of the faucet without compromising the quality of its construction.

This kitchen faucet is super easy to install and the water lines are clearly marked and placed in good places so you won’t have any confusion with your supply.

The Advantages of This Kitchen Faucet

Even though this kitchen faucet isn’t a name brand fixture, you will get quality products and parts that help to facilitate an upgrade. The hose for this faucet is braided, for example, and the finish on the faucet contains a good warranty that will help protect your investment. The valves are ceramic, as you’ll find in more expensive name brand faucets. That’s the advantage that you’ll receive with this fixture.

The disadvantage comes from the fact that this faucet is so tall. In some kitchen installations, this height will cause a discrepancy in the weight distribution to the extend that using it could cause the faucet to snap. This problem is enhanced thanks to the amount of water that flows through this faucet at any given time, adding weight to the already difficult base of weight. If you can add additional support to the deck of this faucet, you’ll have a better experience.

This kitchen faucet might not be the best for all sinks, but it could be right for you. The price point is very affordable and the results could be perfect.Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

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