Review: Kraus KPF-2120-SD20 Kitchen Faucet

Review: Kraus KPF-2120-SD20 Kitchen Faucet James Harman

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Are you looking for a kitchen faucet that comes pared with a soap dispenser so you can have a one-stop station in your kitchen? Do you want a durable faucet that will stand up to the rigors your household might demand of it? Made of 100% stainless steel and plated to resist discoloration and corrosion, this Kraus model features a drip-free ceramic cartridge and the ability to stand up to the tests of time. With a total MSRP of the combined faucet and soap dispenser combo of $795, you can save up to 58% on the purchase of this unit through websites like Amazon.

The Features of the Kraus KPF-2120-SD20

Even though the total weight of these two combined items if 11 pounds, the installation of this kitchen faucet is relatively easy. It’s an all-in-one type of faucet that comes with all the mounting hardware and water lines you need to connect to your plumbing. The soap dispenser slips easily into your standard sink opening without issue, giving you a very nice product that will endure through use after use.

There’s also these other features to consider with this kitchen faucet:

  • the spout buttons make switching between flows simple to do, even with your hands full;
  • the spout reach is 10 inches, making this a useful tool in sinks that are bigger than average; and
  • this faucet is fully tested and provides a reliable, quality experience that is fully ADA compliant.

With a 24 inch hose, you’ll have enough room to work without having the problems a long hose can sometimes cause underneath a sink. It fits with standard US connections and the soap dispenser has the ability to hold 14 ounces of liquid. Coming with a limited lifetime warranty, you’ll also get some protections on your investment.

The Advantages of the Kraus KPF-2120-SD20

The primary feature with this kitchen faucet is the design of the dual stainless steep pull-out spray head. It’s a heavy unit, so it might not be suitable for everyone, but you’ll have the confidence in knowing this product will last. With a 180 degree swivel, the hardware that was used to build up this unit will help you get the results you want out of your kitchen.

The one disadvantage that can be seen with this model especially is in the seals that are used to keep water flowing. The seals can sometimes give way, especially when exposed to hard water conditions on a regular basis. If you do have hard water and don’t have a filter attached to your water line before the liquid reaches the faucet, you may have a failure that causes a leak in this faucet within the first year of operation. There can also be some difficulties finding spare parts to repair this unit if the seals do blow out on you, so an investment into a filtering system with hard water may be needed to effectively use this kitchen faucet.

Otherwise we believe that you’ll find this combined unit has the goods to deliver a quality result every time you need to use your kitchen faucet. It brings a modern look into the home, a durable design, and the ability to deliver. We recommend this faucet because we know you’ll enjoy the quality that it brings with it.Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

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