Review: KOHLER K-7505-CP Purist Primary Kitchen Faucet

Review: KOHLER K-7505-CP Purist Primary Kitchen Faucet James Harman

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Do you love the classic overhead height of an arched faucet? Would you like to avoid the modern gooseneck design because it just seems unappealing? Then what you’re going to want to consider using is the pullout kitchen faucet that comes from the Kohler Purist line. It has four unique finishes that will create a scratch-resistant surface in more of a lamppost shape than an arch. It supports 360 degree rotation of the spout and gives your sink a maximum level of versatility. The MSRP of this faucet is $494.95, but you can save up to 25% on the price of this product on sites like Amazon.

The Features of the Kohler Purist

The primary feature of this Kohler pullout kitchen faucet is the three-way functionality with which it is equipped. You’ll have the ability to quickly change from the standard aerator flow to the spray option that can help you get dishes done in a snap. Need to stop the water flow for some reason? That can be done too with the rubber push button design that will stand up to consistent use better than the plastic buttons in other models.

There’s also these features to consider as well:

  • the lever on this kitchen faucet is fully ADA compliant;
  • it is equipped with ProMotion technology that reduces the amount of noise that the faucet produces; and
  • the nylon hose of this unit is equipped with a ball joint configuration that provides a superior level of functionality in all conditions.

Made from brass, this kitchen faucet is just about 5 pounds, so it will install in most locations with ease. You’ll just need to make sure you have enough clearance for the side control lever in your kitchen before finalizing the installation.

The Advantages of the Kohler Purist

The primary advantage with this kitchen faucet is how easy it is to clean and care for it. With literally just a wipe, you can remove all of the dirt and debris that seem to build-up around the sink. It makes your routine maintenance chores simple and quick so that you can go about the rest of your day without having to devote extra time to your faucet. There’s also these advantages as well:

  • the faucet comes with a limited lifetime warranty;
  • the spray head provides this faucet with a smooth, seamless transition from a stationary faucet to a handheld device; and
  • the counterweight system is extremely easy to adjust.

If there was one wish with this faucet, it would be that the hose would be just a little bit longer. It’s short enough that it is noticeable and with too strong of a tug, damage could result with this faucet. For the most part, however, this faucet is able to effectively get any chore you need to complete finished fast and it’ll look good doing it. For that reason, we strongly recommend this faucet if you’re looking to upgrade the look of your kitchen today.Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

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