Review: KOHLER K-13963-VS Elate Kitchen Faucet

Review: KOHLER K-13963-VS Elate Kitchen Faucet James Harman

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Do you love the idea of a modern kitchen faucet to help upgrade the look of your home? Do you want to avoid the high arch designs that are often advertised for this purpose? If you are looking for a modern kitchen faucet that has ergonomically designed features to make using it a cinch, then you’re going to want the Kohler Elate. The pullout version of this faucet features the modern front lever that is loved and so easy to use, while you’ll also get easy to use buttons that can help you switch or stop water flow. With an MSRP of $352.65, you can save up to 36% on the cost of this faucet when shopping on a website like Amazon.

The Features of the Kohler Elate

The primary feature that you’ll notice with this kitchen faucet is the flexibility of its overall design. It can work with both 1 hole and 3 hole sink installations and still look great either way. It comes with a chrome or vibrant stainless finish that is finished over a metal fixture so that it is resistant to scratches, corrosion, and tarnishing. It’s also a light fixture at just 5.3 pounds, so installing it is nice and easy.

There’s also these features to consider as well:

  • the water flow of this fixture is regulated at 1.8 GPM, which makes it perfect for homes that need to restrict water;
  • it is a WaterSense certified product; and
  • it has a spout height of 10 7/8 inches, complimented by a 9 inch spout reach, making it versatile enough to work with most sink designs.

The bottom line is that this faucet is easy to use under a variety of conditions. No matter what your kitchen chores might be, the Kohler Elate can save you time.

The Advantages of the Kohler Elate

The primary advantage that is seen with this kitchen faucet is the fact that it can swivel 360 degrees to meet your needs. This added flexibility gives you the chance to really make being in the kitchen a simple process, especially when you consider the extra couple feet of distance the hose on this product will give you. Depending on your sink placement, this could mean filling up your pans right on the stove without any lifting or carrying.

In return, the classic problem with this faucet is with the check valves and seals. Because the water flow is highly regulated, there are multiple platforms that could fail on a user, requiring a modification or replacement of the faucet. This issue is covered under the warranty of the product, but still can be a bit of a nuisance if a failure does end up happening.

You’ll also want a minimum of 4 inches of clearance from your wall for this faucet as the lever needs to be fully open in order to access hot water. This level of clearance may make this faucet unsuitable for certain kitchen setups.

From an overall perspective, however, the block design is the perfect addition to a kitchen that is needing clean lines and a modern look. Add in the ergonomics of the Kohler Elate and you’ll have a faucet that can meet your needs for years to come. It works well and that’s why there’s no hesitation in recommending this kitchen faucet.Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

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