Review: Kohler Bellera Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Review: Kohler Bellera Pull Down Kitchen Faucet James Harman

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A kitchen faucet is a focal point of most modern kitchens. It’s gleam invites people to come use it. The colors compliment a home’s unique style, creating a look that is inviting instead of harsh. The Kohler Bellera offers options that are vibrant, traditional, or even with oil rubbed bronze if you prefer. In return, you’ll receive an adaptable faucet that will work with almost any sink.

The Features of the Kohler Bellera 

A pull down faucet makes it easier to get kitchen chores completed quickly. The design of the spray head can either compliment this ability or be a bit of a hindrance. For the Kohler Bellera, it’s the former instead of the latter. It offers three spraying possibilities: aerated, spray, or a pause function even with the water on. This allows users to save water while using the sink effectively.

Here are the other features worth considering with the Kohler Bellera.

  • It offers a high arch design that gives users more room for pots and pans without requiring the spray head being detached.
  • There are 360 degrees of rotation available to users when this faucet is properly installed on a 1 or 3 point installation – the escutcheon is included with this faucet.
  • The forward facing lever handle is remarkably easy to use and allows for water tempering if the pause function isn’t desired at that moment.

A magnetic docking system is also included within the spout so that the spray head will stay in place when the faucet is not being used. This prevents unnecessary damage while keeping the sink ready for use at any given time.

The Advantages of the Kohler Bellera 

The primary advantage that this pull down faucet offers comes through ProMotion Technology. Instead of having a plastic hose that can kink up or degrade quickly, a braided hose offers users more comfort and flexibility in many of today’s common kitchen chores. It also reduces the noise output of the faucet so you can still actually have a conversation with someone while you’re working in the kitchen.

A secondary advantage is the unique spray face that is equipped to the Kohler Bellera. It is proactively resistant to mineral buildup that occurs in some areas. When scale does appear, it just takes a quick flick of the finger to remove most of it. This reduces the time it takes to maintain this faucet, increasing the value of the investment being made.

It really does just take a few seconds to make sure this faucet is clean.

Some may have a few issues with the final installation instructions, but overall the Kohler Bellera is an easy to use faucet that will look beautiful in your kitchen. If you’re ready for an upgrade without reducing your water pressure, then this could be the best pull down kitchen faucet to meet your needs right now.  Find out for yourself today and you may find it to be the best investment into your home that you make this year.

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