Review: Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Leland Kitchen Faucet

Review: Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Leland Kitchen Faucet James Harman

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Are you looking for a kitchen faucet that provides timeless elegance, but modern sophistication? Do you love the tall gooseneck design of the modern faucet, yet still need the flexibility of a pull-down faucet? What you’re going to want to take a look at first is this Delta Leland model. It offers both 1 hole and 3 hole installation options and offers 5 unique finishes that are guaranteed to prevent corrosion and discoloration. The MSRP of this kitchen faucet is $342, but you can save up to 39% on your purchase just by shopping on a website like Amazon.

The Features of the Delta Leland

One of the most exciting features about this kitchen faucet is the Diamond seal technology that is utilized by Delta in their modern design. Rather than just have a ceramic valve like most of their competitors, Delta uses a diamond sealant that can withstand up to 5 million uses and still look great and operate efficiently in your kitchen. Now that’s what you call durability!

There’s also these other features to consider:

  • the aerator clearance on this kitchen faucet is 7 7/8 inches;
  • this kitchen faucet offers 3/8 inch compression; and
  • the water flow rate out of this pull-down model is 1.8 gallons per minute, which will save you up to 20% on water costs when compared to the industry standard.

With the high gooseneck design, this 7.7 pound faucet that is made from metal will give you a quality result when you need it. Reaching a total height of 14 7/8 inches, you’ll get the space you want to get the chores completed quickly.

The Advantages of the Delta Leland

The primary advantage of the Delta Leland is that it combines spout length with the versatility of the pull-down faucet. With a total reach of 9 1/8 inches, you’ll be able to get full sink coverage on even wide or double basin sinks. Inspired by the classic tea pot design that has been popular for decades, you won’t have to sacrifice functionality to get the look that you want. There’s also these advantages too:

  • the handle only rotates backwards 1 inch as well, so you’ll have lots of space;
  • the pull-down sprayer is held in place with magnets to get the grip firm; and
  • the installation process of this faucet is incredibly easy – you’ll be done in just a few minutes.

The one issue that comes into play with this faucet is that some of their connections utilize plastic parts to secure the lines. The parts are also proprietary, which means if they degrade and break on you, Delta will be sending them to you directly. It’s a good idea to invest in some spare parts if you’re concerned about surge issues with your water. Otherwise you may just find that this kitchen faucet has the goods to meet your needs effectively and affordably. That’s why there’s no hesitation on our part in recommending the Delta Leland.Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

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