Review: Delta Faucet 9158-SW-DST Kitchen Faucet

Review: Delta Faucet 9158-SW-DST Kitchen Faucet James Harman

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Are you looking for a kitchen faucets that speaks to a modern look? Would you love to have a faucet that is fully ADA compliant, low lead compliant, and still has a strong water flow so you can get all your sink chores done fast? Combining a modern look with classic functionality, the Delta Fuse lives up to its name. You’ll get an upgraded look that will enhance the visual flow of your kitchen with a product that was specifically design to anticipate your needs. Best of all, the price point is very affordable at just $264 on Amazon.

The Features of the Delta Fuse

One of the best features about the Delta Fuse is that the manufacturer has equipped this kitchen faucet with its Touch-Clean technology. If you’ve got a lot of minerals in your water or you’ve got scale that tends to build up over time, this faucet has been designed to proactively combat this issues. All you’ve got to do is use your finger to depress a blocked nubbin and you’ve managed to clean your sprayhead! It’s the perfect addition to any home, however, whether there is hard water or perfect water.

You’ve got these features to consider with this product as well:

  • with a flow rate of 1.8 GPM, you’ll still have a strong PSI with the flow of your water so you won’t notice the 20% reduction in use;
  • this faucet comes equipped with MagnaTite technology so that the sprayhead stays firmly in place; and
  • the toggle for the flow changer is located at the back of the sprayhead and works well even when your hands are a bit soapy or slippery from your work.

The only way to describe the single handle of this faucet is that it is awesome. It’s not some tiny little handle with a minimized design. It’s the size of your typical overhead single lever and it moves easily, giving you tight controls with just the push of a finger.

The Advantages of the Delta Fuse

The primary advantage that comes with this faucet is the diamond sealing technology that is utilized to coat the valves. Many manufacturers utilize a ceramic valve in their designs and this provides them with a product that is up to 8 times stronger than the industry standard. Delta’s manufacturing process provides a strength that is 10 times better than industry standards and does so for a comparable price. The result is a faucet that has been rigorously tested to last for decades instead of months or a few years.

The only real issue that you’ll notice with this faucet comes during the installation of it. The water lines of the faucet are placed in a bit of a strange way and that makes it easy to install the supply lines backwards. Otherwise this Delta kitchen faucet delivers on its promises, provides a level of elegance and style that is difficult to match, and is a good value investment if you’re looking for an upgrade. That’s why we have no hesitation in recommending this kitchen faucet to you.Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

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