Review: Danze D457058SS Parma Kitchen Faucet

Review: Danze D457058SS Parma Kitchen Faucet James Harman

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Do you like sleek sophistication when it comes to the look for your home? Would you love a kitchen faucet in your kitchen that could compliment this look effectively without costing an arm and a leg? With the pull-down kitchen faucet from Danze that comes from the Parma line, that’s exactly what you’ll get. A push button option allows you to switch between the dual spray modes and with 16 inches of total spout height, you’ll have a great design that will help you get your sink chores done. The MSRP of this model is $494, but you’ll be able to save up to 47% by shopping on websites like Amazon.

The Features of This Danze Kitchen Faucet

The brass construction of this kitchen faucet is the primary feature that many people are going to enjoy. The minimalist design of this faucet helps to keep the weight down, coming in at under 6 pounds, so you can install this faucet on most sinks. It’s plated in stainless steel to discourage corrosion and discoloration that occurs as the brass can oxidize over time, especially in a high moisture environment. It effectively combines functionality and style!

There’s also these other features to consider too:

  • this deck mounted faucet is easy to install if you have decking that is two inches or less;
  • smooth 180 degree turning is available thanks to the ceramic disc valve that is the trademark of the Danze line of kitchen faucets; and
  • the Parma design has a special emphasis on preventing leaks from occurring.

This kitchen faucet also comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the craftsmanship and materials of the unit itself. This way you have an increased level of protection for your investment.

The Advantages of This Danze Kitchen Faucet

The primary advantage that can be seen with this particular kitchen faucet is in the design of the pull-down mechanism itself. It’s designed to be fully retractable and then snap back into place so that the head stays where it should when in normal use. Over time, you may find that the seal, which is made from plastic, doesn’t stand up to a lot of snaps every day, but it does work well with standard use.

There’s also these advantages to consider:

  • the handle on the side of this faucet that controls temperature is durable and smooth to operate;
  • the customer support from Danze with warranty claims is top notch; and
  • even with hard water issues, this faucet has the ability to keep performing up to the standards of pressure and flexibility that you’d expect with a quality unit.

The one issue with the design of this faucet is the strength of the spring that works with this pull-down feature on the Parma model. If you have the faucet fully extended, it tends to require a user intervention to make sure the faucet comes back to where it should be. You also have to snap it back into place unless you want the head, which is made from plastic as well, to dangle.

Overall, however, this faucet has a durability that can’t be questioned. Lasting upwards of 7 years in user reviews without complaint, the smooth operation of this faucet will have you sold on its value the first time you use it. Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

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