Review: Danze D454557SS Opulence Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Review: Danze D454557SS Opulence Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet James Harman

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Do you like the idea of having a pull-down kitchen faucet for your home? Do you want to avoid the commercial look that includes a spring on the outside of the fixture? If you’re looking for a gooseneck design that offers you a variety of finishes to match the interior designs you’ve got going on, then this pull-down faucet from the Opulence line has the ability to get the job done for you. Coming in at less than 7 pounds, this fixture is a little heavy, but well worth the installation effort. The MSRP is $464, but shopping on websites like Amazon can help you save up to 50% on the overall cost.

The Features of the Danze Opulance Pull-Down

The primary feature that you’ll notice with this faucet is in its design. There are a lot of pull-down faucets that put the spray head down low, near the actual temperature handle of the fixture. In this model, the head is up much higher, giving each user a friendlier overall experience. It’s a smooth operation, the unit retracts pretty easily, and you’ll have a leak-free fixture that won’t give you any trouble.

There’s also these features to consider as well:

  • this kitchen faucet is one of the quietest you’ll find on the market today as it has design features to limit knocking, pinging, and other common faucet issues;
  • the spray head has two functions with it, including a spray stream in addition to the standard aerated stream; and
  • the faucet is heavy enough to be durable, but not so heavy that you have to worry about the effects it may have on your sink or countertop.

Covered with a lifetime faucet and finish warranty, the foundation of this unit is stainless steel and you’ll get a practical result when you include this item with your kitchen.

The Advantages of the Danze Opulence Pull-Down

The primary advantage of this unit is the quality of the counterweight that has been included with the design. It’s a 1 pound counterweight, made from brass, and it effectively returns the hose back to the standard top position. When pulled out to its maximum, some have found that the counterweight can catch on under-cabinet plumbing, but for the most it does an excellent job. It will work in contemporary and traditional kitchens, so there’s plenty of versatility with this investment.

The main issue that people see is in regards to the finish of the product. For the record, vinegar and other acidic cleaners can damage stainless steel or a plated finish and using these products would void the warranty. After heavy use, however, some users have noted that the finish can begin peeling off in due time. The spray head also utilizes a plastic part that has a tendency to break under rigorous use, so care should be utilized when using the pull-down feature.

For a classic look at a good price, however, you’ll get a lot of value from this Danze kitchen faucet. Take a look at it for yourself to see if it has the ability to meet the needs you have for your new kitchen or need to upgrade.Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

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