Review: Danze D151558SS Parma Handle Bar Faucet

Review: Danze D151558SS Parma Handle Bar Faucet James Harman

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Do you want a slim kitchen faucet that can help you work more effectively every day? Do you want a faucet that has a high level of clearance without compromising on the quality of the faucet itself? What you might want to look at then is the Danze Parma bar faucet. This single handle model is shaped like its larger commercial-style counterparts, but at a height that is just right for your sink. With a MSRP of $367, you can save up to 45% on this faucet by shopping on websites like Amazon.

The Features of the Danze Bar Faucet

Dazne has a saying that goes something like this: “Your kitchen faucet should be able to do more than just wash vegetables.” You’ll find that this Parma model really does bring the goods. It’s made from brass materials and the finish is covered by the limited lifetime warranty that is offered on the product. It is both ADA and low lead compliant to meet local guidelines. You’ll get all the hardware for this single mount installation and you’ll find it is super easy to install.

There’s also these features to consider:

  • the clearance of the aerator is 9 3/16 inches, giving you plenty of room to maneuver;
  • you’ll get 180 degrees of rotation with a 13 1/16 inch high swivel spout; and
  • you receive a 2 inch maximum deck thickness so that it is compatible with a wide range of sinks and kitchens.

It isn’t the biggest kitchen faucet and there might be other makes and models that are less expensive, but they won’t deliver the goods like this Danze faucet does. It’s reliable, looks great, and will help you get your chores done at the sink in a fun way.

The Advantages of the Danze Bar Faucet

The primary advantage with this faucet is its level of flexibility. It can function as your primary faucet if you want something slim and sleek. It will also fit into most complimentary sink holes so that you can have a separate faucet for drinking water, pot filling, or your preferred need. It’s light enough that mounting it is a snap and it won’t jiggle loose over time like heavier faucets will do. Add in the limited lifetime warranty that covers the finish and you’ll be making an investment that is protected and worthwhile.

The one issue seen with this kitchen faucet involves the installation of it. If you don’t have the mounting fixtures fully tightened, the faucet won’t swivel. The installation manual is a little difficult for the average person without plumbing experience, but it can be done at home without a plumber if you’ve got the tools on hand.

If you’re looking for a quality kitchen faucet at a quality price, this Danze Parma bar faucet could meet your needs quite nicely if you don’t want a pull-out faucet. It’s sleek, slim, yet flexible enough to get the job done That’s why it comes with one of our highest recommendations!Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

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