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A Guide to the Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

Do you demand the best of the best from your kitchen? Are your expectations equally high for the kitchen faucet you’re looking to purchase today? Every manufacturer has a number of different models available at different price points so that every kitchen can get the upgraded look it deserves. What you’ll find right here is the very best of the best that each brand offers so you can quickly make the right choice for your home.

PictureNamePriceOur Rating
PictureNamePriceOur Rating
Kraus KPF-2130 Single Lever Stainless Steel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet$$$$4.0
Danze Opulence Single Handle Bar Faucet$$$4.8
Kohler K-780-VS Cruette Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet$$4.5
Pfister Marielle High-Arc Bar Prep Kitchen Faucet$$4.8
Peerless Apex Two Handle Kitchen Faucet with Spray$4.9
PegasusLyndhurst Series Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet$$4.6
Brizo Tresa Kitchen Faucet with Metal Lever Handles and Side Spray$$$$$+4.8
Grohe K7 Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet$$$$$+4.7
Delta Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet$$4.7

There are dozens of different kitchen faucet models on the market today. Many of them have some unique strengths that could help you have a durable, comfortable experience at your kitchen sink for years to come. This chart is specifically designed to help you compare and contrast the top models from today’s best faucet manufacturers so you can quickly find the right model for your home.

What Are the Best Types of Kitchen Faucets?

The most popular kitchen faucets today are units that contain a single control lever. Sometimes these levers will be on the side of the faucet, while other times they’ll be at the top. Having a single lever that controls flow strength and water temperature, however, doesn’t quality a kitchen faucet as one of the best today. What sets a model apart is if it can work for those who are left-handed or right-handed and has flexible installation options that allow for you to have the lever on either side.

Another excellent type of kitchen faucet is the pulldown faucet. This kitchen faucet style helps to give you extra reach with a sprayhead that comes down into the sink so you can spray your veggies or clean your dishes more thoroughly. You’ll want to look for a hose that has at least 60 inches of total length or is designed to give you a minimum of 20 inches of extra reach for it to qualify as one of the best kitchen faucets.

Another popular type of faucet is the pullout faucet. It is similar to the pulldown faucet by is able to come over the countertop to help you fill a pan on your stove if need be. These kitchen faucets offer multiple spray options, but the very best will allow you to stop the flow of water as well. They must also be insulated against hot water, because otherwise you’ll quickly burn your hand with consistent use.

Ultimately the best kitchen faucet is the one that works with your new or remodeled sink and can be fully supported with your mount.

The Advantages of the Best Kitchen Faucets

The struggle for some folks is that the best kitchen faucets tend to have a higher price point. This can make them nearly unaffordable sometimes, but you can’t deny the quality of the faucet. There are several advantages that the best kitchen faucets have over the competitors. Look for features like these!

  • Solid metal construction. The best kitchen faucets are made of a metal foundation, not ceramic or high grade plastic. The very best of the best are made from brass.
  • A high quality finish. You don’t necessarily need a triple-plated finish on your kitchen faucet, but you are going to need a strong finish to resist corrosion, rust, and tarnishing. Your brass faucet will turn blue and green when exposed to moisture – who wants that?
  • A lifetime guarantee. If there’s one quality that all of humanity has in common, it’s that we make errors. Even on our best days, we might not do something completely 100% correct. The best kitchen faucets take this fact into account and offer a lifetime warranty on the craftsmanship of the unit and the quality of the materials that were used to create it – including the finish. This way if something does wear out, you’re not left holding a worthless faucet and a big bill from a website like Amazon.
  • Quality technology. Some of today’s best faucets use diamond sealing on their valves to add strength and prolong life to keep leaks at bay. Others utilize touch tech that lets you start the faucet by just tapping it. Still others utilizing modern motion sensing technology to let you have a completely hands-free operation.

With all of this variety, it’s up to you to select what features you’re going to want for your home. When you do that, then you’re ready to select the best kitchen faucet!

How Do I Find the Best Kitchen Faucet For Me?

The first step in finding the best kitchen faucet for your home is to look at your installation mount. How much weight will it be able to take? When you have a solid brass faucet, it’s going to bring between 7-10 pounds of weight with it. Not every current sink setup has the ability to withstand that kind of weight. If you find the best faucet is pretty heavy, then take a few moments to reinforce the installation point before putting in your new faucet.

The kind of sink that you have also influences what the best kitchen faucet is going to be. Apron sinks have different requirements than undermount sinks. If you have a standard sink with multiple installation points, you’ll need to look for a kitchen faucet that contains a cover plate or look to find covers that could screw into the fresh open points you’ve created with your upgrade.

The amount of use your kitchen faucet gets is also a major factor in this decision. If you’re rarely in your kitchen, then you can settle on a faucet that is more beautiful than functional. If, however, your kitchen is the social hub of your kitchen and you make three meals every day in there, your kitchen faucet needs a high level of durability and functionality without compromising on form.

Each model has some unique strengths that could help you achieve the best combination of form and function that you need. By reading through our comprehensive reviews of today’s best kitchen faucets, you’ll be able to have all of the information you need on hand, right now, to make an empowered decision about your forthcoming kitchen upgrade, whether you will be replacing the kitchen faucet yourself or bringing in a plumber.

What Are the Best Kitchen Faucet Prices?

If you take a look at the MSRP of the best kitchen faucets on the market today, you might have to look twice! Some of the best models today top out with an MSRP over $1,000! On the other hand, some models have the ability to deliver outstanding quality and durability for much less. The beginning entries in this category have a price point right around $200 on Amazon right now.

That’s the advantage of shopping on a site like Amazon too – you don’t usually have to pay the full MSRP. For those $1,000 kitchen faucets, you can save up to 40% or more on the price to bring your total cost to around $600. Although that might be a large investment for some folks, it is also a price that you’ll have to pay just once in most cases. The question to be asked is this: can you invest in a kitchen faucet that could be used over 5 million times? Or do you just invest in the best kitchen faucet that you may need to replace in 10 years or less?

What Do Our Reviews of the Best Kitchen Faucets Say?

Kraus KPF-2130 Single Lever Pull Out Faucet

This kitchen faucet provides a dramatic look for any kitchen. The spout swivels 180 degrees for full sink coverage and it is 100% solid stainless steel in its construction. You get all of the mounting hardware you need to perform the installation yourself and your water lines are clearly marked so you can get them hooked up to the supply with ease.

The finish on this faucet is solid and resists discoloration and the pullout feature fits perfectly into the palm of the hand. The push button toggle for water flow is right on front and you’ll find that you can easily get all of your work done thanks to this great faucet.

Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

Danze Opulence Single Handle Bar Faucet

For a look that speaks of timeless elegance, the Danze Opulence might just be the best faucet on the market right now to achieve your perfect upgrade. It attaches on a single post mount and is available in 6 beautiful finishes that will help you coordinate your look.

The spout is high enough at 9.75 inches to give you a better clearance for your pot filling needs, although the reach of the faucet is more suited for a secondary sink installation, like a pantry or bar sink. It does work on decks that are 2 inches thick, however, so you’ll have the installation versatility that you may need.

Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

Kohler Cruette Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

With three finishes and a high arc design that lends to the classic gooseneck look that modern kitchens love, this faucet offers a spout with 360 degrees of rotation. It also is one of the best kitchen faucets because it offers a pulldown sprayhead that offers a stopping feature into addition to the typical spray and standard modes.

It’s made of solid metal, has a tall height of 16.75 inches, and will provide a dramatic visual impact for your home. As an added benefit, it’s also one of the most cost-effective options in the best faucet category.

Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

Pfister Marielle High-Arc Bar Prep Kitchen Faucet

Another offering in the beautiful lamppost design, this faucet includes a decorative deckplate that will help you cover a 3 point installation if necessary. The spout rotates a full 360 degrees to give you the maneuverability that you need, but you won’t get any of the mounting parts you might need to finalize your installations.

It weighs in at just 1.7 pounds and has a spout height of 7.25 inches, so it is strong enough to be a primary installation if need be in your kitchen. The flow rate is 1.5 GPM, however, so it may not work perfectly in some homes.

Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

Peerless Apex Two Handle Kitchen Faucet with Spray

If you love the classic look of bronze, but don’t want to pay for the full oil-rubbed bronze experience, then the Peerless Apex could be the best kitchen faucet for you. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, is fully compliant with all low lead laws, and means CALGreen specifications for water conservation. It has a reach of 8.25 inches so it’ll cover most sinks and the height is 11.5 inches, so it’s tall enough to make a visual impact.

It’s a four point installation because it has two handles and a side sprayer for you to use. A brass foundation makes up this unit, yet it weighs in at just 3.3 pounds so it can be installed virtually anywhere. It could be the solution you’ve been looking to find!

Click here to compare prices and get the best price on this faucet.

Are you ready to explore the best kitchen faucets that will quickly upgrade the look and function of your kitchen? The right faucet will not only be durable, but will meet every aesthetic need you have so that your first impression can be intense and dramatic. Choose the best of the best today and you won’t be disappointed!

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